Easy Aerial’s tethered SAMS (“SAMS-T”) is a fully autonomous tethered-drone-from- a-box solution that can stay in the air for over 24 hours while transmitting HD video and telemetry through the connected power line (data-over-power technology) avoiding the need for radio transmission.

The “Alpine Swift” drone is used in the SAMS-T configuration.  This system self-deploys without human intervention within a few seconds following a remote command or ground sensor triggering event.

Easy Aerial offers a tethered version of the SAMS (“​SAMS-T​”) that can stay in the air for unlimited flight time without landing (as long as power is provided to the system). The tether cable provides constant electrical power and a secure 2-way communication between the ground station and the drone.

The tethered version of the Falcon drone is called the Alpine Swift drone.

The SAMS-T allows for a constant eye-in-the-sky and is ideal for border security and incident management applications (such as border security, fires, sports events, demonstrations, etc).

Since all communication in the SAMS-T solution is transferred via the power line it is also considered very safe from cyber
security standpoint.

Both SAMS and SAMS-T can be deployed on stationary locations (such as a rooftop, fence or in a remote location), as well as on mobile emergency response vehicles and standard pickup trucks.

Easy Aerial systems (SAMS and SAMS-T) are highly mobile, reliable and durable systems, which in addition to following pre-planned missions, also function autonomously based on ground sensor triggering. Our systems provide live, high-quality, encrypted optical and thermal video feed. In addition all systems can act as a communication relay and/or include additional payload such as a loudspeaker, projector lights or desired sensors.



Alpine Swift v3.0 Highly-durable quadcopter, 710 mm between the motors, 3.3kg (7.3lb) w/o payload.
Ground station Easy Aerial’s Remote Monitoring Software (ERMS) can run on any computer or tablet. In fact, the software itself runs in the EG-T and the computer/tablet only requires a web browser (chrome preferable).
User interface The user interface of the ERMS is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. The user interface allows an operator on site or off site to move the camera, operate zoom etc., while most of the screen is allocated to the video itself that could be optical, thermal, fusion or picture-in-picture.
Sensors The Easy Guard is equipped with four (4) cameras for situational awareness of the deployment site. The Easy Guard is also equipped with numerous temperature and health sensors. The drone can carry a large variety of payloads.
Communication LYNX OEM 3P (data-over-power).
Tether & Tether management Highly durable 300ft cable with an auto-retraction mechanism built inside the Easy Guard. The power on the cable runs on 400V.
Physical interfaces A standard power outlet (100-240V); standard LAN and WAN ports.

SAMS-T during an activity with the Yonkers Police department on the 4th of July 2019

SAMS-T Configuration




IP rating The IP rating of the Easy Guard is equivalent to IP45 and the Alpine drone to IP54
Wind tolerance at maximum payload and altitude The wind tolerance of the Alpine swift is 40mph w/o payload and 30 mph with a 2.5 kg payload. The wind tolerance does not change with the length of the extracted cable.
Ground footprint dimensions Easy Guard: 46 inch x 46 inch x 24inch
Power Guard: 38 inch x 38 inch x 12 inch (optional)
Power options The Easy Guard will work as long as power is provided. A minimum of 2000 W power source is needed.
Easy Aerial’s Power Guard (“PG​”) is a separate stand alone product that is placed below the Easy Guard for pick-up truck deployment. The Power Guard includes three (3) NPP NPD12-200Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle 4D SLA 12V 200Ah Battery and an industrial inverter. The Power Guard will enable ten (10) hours of continuous flight.
Easy Aerial also supports any standard 2000W+ generator. In case of using a PG the generator will charge the PG which will in turn provide power to the EG.
Payload capacity The Alpine Swift can carry various payloads. Maximum payload weight is 2.5 Kg.

ERMS user interface (left) and Easy Aerial’s Alpine Swift Drone (right)

Alpine Swift V3.0 in USAF Color Scheme



Albatross Drone Tethered to an Easy Guard

Te Albatross drone is a six-motor drone, based on Osprey, that can fit inside the current Easy Guard.

The biggest benefit of the Albatros (Osprey) is the ability to continue stable flight following a motor fail for a truly unlimited flight time. In addition the maximum payload will be increased to 3.5Kg (7.7 lb).

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