Introduction to Icaros

Leading The Way Towards New And Innovative Solutions

  • Comprehensive Turnkey Geospatial and GIS Solutions
  • Data collection - remote Sensing from Manned and Unmanned Aircraft
  • Photogrammetric, 3D modeling, and LIDAR Processing Services
  • Analytics – from custom artificial intelligence and feature recognition, to sophisticated time series analysis to energy efficiency
  • Autonomous and Tethered Drone-in-a-Box Systems
  • Cloud-based InspectionAI SaaS Platform, with the ability to integrate various AI and machine teaching/learning methodologies,
  • Cloud-based and desktop versions of our OneButton SaaS Platform for Image Processing, mapping and modeling
  • Video production services

What People Say About Us

"I want to thank you personally as well as on behalf of the entities involved, for the strong performance, responsiveness, ability to take initiative, continuous improvement and excellent technology development that Icaros folks have delivered."

"Icaros and Harris Geospatial Solutions have partnered to provide their technologies, OneButton™ and ENVI® respectively, to provide customers with a complete and continuous workflow for processing UAV and aerial images into georeferenced 2D & 3D maps and models."

“We are excited about the new MapInfo App we developed with Icaros. This App lets MapInfo customers order remote sensing projects directly from within MapInfo. Our customers benefit with immediate access to high-resolution data and actionable information that enables better business decisions.”

"We really see the value in both Icaros as a partner providing data processing solutions as well as a software company providing us with some of the best image processing in the business."

Nelson Paez, CEO, DreamHammer Corporation

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Latest News

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Icaros becomes Exclusive Easy Aerial Drone-in-a-box Distributor
Introducing the automatic vertical scanning tool

Various tools for surveying horizontal surfaces, even the uneven ones, have been developed to a high standard and are widely available on the market.

A look at making real - imagery 3D scenes

In the near future, the photogrammetry
industry will be able to provide city and county managers the ability to visualize their cityscapes using 3D views for varying types of analysis.

What's Hot About Thermal Imaging

In using thermal imagery, infrastructure
managers can determine roof locations where more insulation is needed to reduce heating costs.

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