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Hire the team with the experience in imagery and terrain mapping to provide you with ease of mind that your project is in good hands to deliver a quality product. Icaros is there to get you from imagery and terrain acquisition to geospatial product delivery.

We have a network of over 6500 drone service providers that can fly most locations around the globe within hours and worst case within just a few days notice. Providers are equipped with proper drones and sensors for RGB, thermal, NIR, multispectral and LiDAR.  Need mapping for larger areas of land? You can rely on the Icaros global partner network of manned aircraft teams.

Automated End-to-End Mapping Solution

Work together with Icaros through these 4 easy steps……

  • Tell us about your project by using this form
  • We will send you a quote to approve
  • Icaros does the rest according to your schedule
  • After completion of project you can download your finished product

No need to buy any software!
No processing hardware required!

Available Product Delivery Formats

ORTHOMOSAIC - We produce GIS ready ortho mosaics using our OneButton™ software giving clients spatially accurate products. OneButton™ was developed with a robust algorithm for producing seamless orthomosaics. This is an example of a 2.0 cm pixel UAV project.

TRUE ORTHO - Automated true ortho mosaic imagery produced with our OneButton™ software provide clients very high accuracy products. True ortho provides you with the ability to see features on the roof and on the ground with no obstructions.

3D MESH - We specialize in the use of UAV acquired imagery to produce high accuracy 3D Mesh products for a variety of use cases.

CONTOURS - OneButton™ software produces Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and contour maps to visualize the terrain surface.

ORTHO DRAPED ON DENSE DSM - Combining these two mapping products provides useful visualization tools for analysis.

LIDAR - Icaros provides its clients with the option to integrate LiDAR into your delivery based on project analysis requirements of the terrain surface.

Multispectral - Agricultural indices are produced in OneButton using imagery acquired from multispectral UAV sensors (i.e., MicaSense, Tetracam and Agrowing). OneButton can maintain the original pixel values for highly accurate analysis of agricultural areas. Our customers are using multiple vegetation indices to detect anomalies in vegetation growth, plant disease and watering issues.

THERMAL MOSAICS - Icaros has over a decade of experience in providing thermal mosaic products to our global clients in a variety of industry standard formats.

“……Wherever your project takes you, Icaros is there to get you from

imagery and terrain acquisition to geospatial product delivery”

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