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The Cloud Project Launcher provides FREE access to our OneButton Cloud application. The Project Launcher lets you setup a project and then launch processing of the project in the Icaros Amazon Cloud instead of on your desktop. The great thing is that you are only charged for use of the software on a project-by-project basis. There is no monthly or annual fee. The software will give you an estimated project cost prior to project launch based on how many processor instances the project will be divided over in the cloud. The more processor instances, the faster the time it will take to process your project.





Easy access to start a project:

  • Setup a OneButton Account. All pay as you go projects will be charged to this account. There will never be any other charges.
  • Download a Free Copy of OneButton Standard with OneButton Cloud License
  • Setup a project in the OneButton Cloud Launcher, just as you would in OneButton Standard Edition.
  • Select how fast (based on number of processors) you want to process your data on, and Accept Payment
  • Click to tun your project in the Icaros Amazon Cloud. Your data will be uploaded into the cloud and automatically processed.
  • When completed, you will be emailed a link. Simply click on the link to download your finished results.

OneButton Cloud Project Launcher Highlights:

  • Process any size project. Because we can run the project over many processors, the project execution times can be 10x faster than on a single processor.
  • Process projects with Ground Control Points
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees for access to the Project Launcher Application
  • Extremely economical -- pay only for each project you process, based on how many processors are used in the cloud, and how long the project is estimated to take to process. The built-in estimator tells you in advance what the cost will be.


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run your first project.

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