OneButton™provides a complete photogrammetric toolset for more refined, professional results. These tools give you fine tuning control of the photogrammetric process and let you create new projects or enhance output results from projects automatically created with OneButton™.

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UGCS Mission Planner And Drone Control

Aerial survey planning tools

UgCS offers tools to make aerial surveys and mapping as easy and effortless as possible. Choose one of the pre-installed cameras pre-sets or create a new one to suit your camera. The Area Scan and Photogrammetry tools will automatically calculate the flight path based on the camera settings. Alternatively, the Area Scan and Photogrammetry parameters can be adjusted manually, such as GSD, overlap or desired altitude.

UAV Mission Planner


A whole new way of managing your operations

MapGage is a cloud based solution allowing companies to associate field observations with maps, CAD, blueprints and sensor data for inspections, surveys, maintenance evaluation, snags and tasks.

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